Porterville Children’s Photographer | Adventures with Sofia

Being a Porterville Children’s Photographer is always an adventure because you never know what to expect. Sofia is so cheerful, smiley and has such a good temperament that when she got to the studio with her parents I thought, “this will be easy.” (I should not have said that.) We started out good. She was looking cute, we were having fun, she was smiling that big toothless smile. Then she lost her balance and bonked her head, which apparently reminded her that she woke up from her nap too soon and didn’t feel like doing a photo shoot after all. That’s when her parents and I went into full “tap dance” mode, pulling out every trick to get her to smile – or at least stop crying. I did manage to get a few happy shots between her tears, but she made me work for every one of them.  So thanks for the adventure, Sofia, but maybe next time you can go a little easier on me 😉


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