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Porterville Twins Photographer | Moms Rock!

Moms rock! But twin moms take to a whole new level. All new parents are learning how to take care of their baby. If you are a parent then you know, it can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes a lot overwhelming! Feeding, burping, diapering, soothing, bathing, clipping tiny fingernails. (That last one scared me the… Read more »

Porterville Newborn Photographer | Blogs Are Hard

As a Porterville Newborn Photographer I try to keep up on my blog…but blogs are hard. I know it’s good for SEO, free advertising, my clients love to see their images. I know all that. But I run out of things to talk about, I don’t think I’m really that interesting. Case in point, I… Read more »

Porterville Newborn Photographer | Older Baby

It sounds strange to call a three week old infant an “older baby”. Newborn photos are typically taken within the first two weeks of life. If you wait longer it’s a bit more challenging. Babies are more alert so it may be tough to get them to stay asleep. They aren’t as flexible so they… Read more »

Porterville Maternity Photographer | Couples

As a maternity photographer I meet a lot of couples. I’m certain that this sweet couple will defy marriage statistics and be happy together forever. They talked and laughed together during the entire session. I could easily tell that they love and respect one another. When she was off changing into another gown, he was… Read more »